Third Life 

Reclaimed Chestnut

I present my "Farfalla" desk design crafted entirely from reclaimed wood: antique wormy Chestnut. The material is 100% reclaimed lumber from dismantled barns, factory buildings and other structures. The patina, character and color of this wood have no equal. Furniture crafted from such wood represents the “third life” of the Chestnut tree.

The first life is a tree growing in the forest, from tiny sapling to towering specimen, spanning many decades. In its second life, the tree is harvested and its lumber is cut into beams, flooring and paneling for barns, factory buildings, churches, etc. In the third life, after standing for decades and even centuries, those structures are torn down and the lumber is salvaged and made available to woodworkers like me, who apply their skills to turn it into cherished furniture pieces that will last for generations. 

Style, texture and sustainability. This piece has it all. Give me a call and we will make it yours.  

(Please note: due to differences in displays among devices, coloration of this piece may not be represented accurately. I would be happy to send along an actual wood sample if requested).